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Tungsetn Flippin Weight

What is flippin fishing?

tungsten flippin weightFlippin or flipping is a quiet but powerful bass fishing technique. You use it when the weeds are thick (matted), working a reed/Kissimmee grass line or when working docks while fishing for Florida bass. Flippin fishing is a fishing technique which is for stained to muddy water or extremely heavy cover. This is more of a short line technique. It's quieter and more accurate than any of the other cast, but can not achieve the distance sometimes needed.


What is tungsten flippin weight?

tungsten flippin weightflippin weightTungsten flippin weight is shaped as a bullet. Flippin weights are ideal for penetrating matted grass, flipping docks and working through wood and vegetation. And the material of tungsten makes the weight denser and harder. You can use it more sensitive while fishing.




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